Are You Getting The Most Out
of Your Business Social Media??

When consumers are doing their research and wanting to find out more information about your fitness business, they look at your social pages first, namely Facebook and Instagram. What impression are you leaving them?

Are you posting consistently enough to draw more social attention, engagement and interactions on your social pages, or are you simply doing what you can without any great strategy behind your posting?

If you want to reach more potential members and clients, stay competitive and clean up your overall Social Media presence and marketing; then it’s time to plug into Social Breeze!!

Social Breeze is the first all-in-one Social Media Management and Marketing Platform created by fitness professionals, for fitness professionals.


Easily Launch all Your Social Media Marketing Done-For-Your Promotions From One Platform

Social Breeze makes it very easy to schedule all your daily or weekly organic posts all from the one dashboard. Additionally, you’re able to quickly launch monthly promotions by choosing from dozens of our ready-to-post marketing offers. Simply click onto the Social Breeze Promotional Posts Tab in the dashboard, choose your preferred promotion and either launch or schedule directly on Facebook and Instagram; it’s that easy!


Increase Your Brand Awareness By Up To 78% By Using Social Media More Consistently.

Fundamentally, the key to getting more out of your Social Media is to be a lot more consistent with your posting. For your audience to recognize your brand, you must be consistent. Being consistent in your brand allows you to grow your audience, engagement and reach much faster. The Social Breeze platform has been built around this entire philosophy…
high quality post consistency = more business traction!

Over 3000 Ready-to-Use Facebook & Instagram Written Posts

Social Breeze has over 3000 ready-to-use Facebook and Instagram written posts; broken down into three main categories – Organic, Organic With Soft Sells and Promotional Posts. Our easy to use platform covers a wide range of fitness business models and brands including personal trainers, health clubs and studios.


Systematically File all of Your Images & Videos

The key point of difference with the Social Breeze Platform is that is has been created from a fitness club manger or owner’s perspective. Simply upload all your club or studio images and videos directly onto the Social Breeze filling system, under the My Gallery tab. Additionally, you can create your own folder names and start to upload content within seconds. All uploaded content pieces are automatically numbered to be able to easily find the exact image or video you are wanting to use in the future.

Social Breeze Analytics

Social Breeze offers Quick Analytics for both Facebook and Instagram directly from the dashboard that show you what's working and what isn't. Track engagement and interactions on your posts so you can see how your content is performing across both Facebook and Instagram. Through graphical representation, easily dig into key metrics such as individual Post Likes, Comments, Shares, and more.



Save Valuable Time…

Use the Social Breeze pre-written organic Facebook and Instagram content so that your social pages look and feel professional. No more wasting valuable time writing your own social post copy. Simply use our ever growing library of organic social posts, and either post directly from the Social Breeze Control Panel dashboard or schedule well in advance.

The Social Breeze Facebook and Instagram Management and Marketing platform simply makes it easier to maintain a consistent presence on Social Media so you can build your following and your fitness influence faster.

Social Breeze Now Scheduling on Instagram..

Many Social Media management systems don’t allow you to schedule and publish on Instagram; now the second biggest Social Media platform in the world.

With Social Media now a dominant advertising and marketing channel, being able to push your fitness business through Instagram properly will only increase your brand message and the ability to generate more qualified leads.


Why Social Breeze as Your Social Media Management & Marketing System?

There are several Social Media management software systems out in the market place, but none are as specific to the fitness industry as Social Breeze. In fact Social Breeze was created by fitness professionals to serve the global fitness industry (owners and managers).

Our approach was not generic but specific; one that was a fit for owners to simply save time and to be able to push out consistent quality Social Media content at volume, with speed, ease and monthly structure.

We have created a content library of over 3000 pre-written posts which you can post on your Facebook and Instagram page directly from your iPhone or Andriod (or home computer). This library is being added to every month with more health, fitness and wellness content categories.

Our features also give you the ability to create and post your own organic or educational based content. A strong Social Media presence, one that is consistent and founded on high quality content is the most important growth tool in your marketing toolkit. Subscribe to Social Breeze today.

Even More Great Social Breeze Features


Social Breeze Quick Time Publishing Feature

Social Breeze’s Quick Time publishing feature automatically publishes your posts to either Facebook or Instagram; creating more time in your working day and week to engage with more leads and prospects.


View all Your Posts in The Social Planner

Simply Schedule all of your monthly posts and view them in the My Monthly Planner tab. You can even repost the same post on either the Facebook or Instagram platform with one simply mouse click.


Global Customer Service

At Social Breeze we’ve got you covered with a worldwide team of customer service advocates on standby to support you so that all your questions get answered within 24 hours.


Stay Engaged With Your Followers

Via the Social Breeze dashboard you can quickly respond to all social messages and comments across both Facebook and Instagram. Stay engaged with your audience and never miss an opportunity to connect with them or join conversations around your brand offering or specific monthly promotion.


Be More Organized and Structured

By using the Social Breeze Facebook and Instagram Management and Marketing Platform you will be more organized and structured around all Social Media activity. One of the key elements to any successful Social Media plan is to be consistent with your daily, weekly and monthly posting execution.


Your Own Image & Video Library

Simply upload your own fitness business related images and Videos into the Social Breeze Content Library, so that you can easily schedule or post directly from the dashboard.

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